In a Japanese house some of the walls are made of thick rice paper.

Because there is so little land to live on, houses are usually small. Important things are put out for people to see.

In parts of some houses you spend most of the time on the floor. The floors are covered with tatami mats. The mats can wear out quickly if you're not careful with them.

This house is in a neighborhood with other houses and a school on a hill.

This picture shows a mirror with a man in the reflection. He is coming in from his garden in the back.

This part of the house is called the shoin. It is where your most important things are kept for people to see. Do you have a place like that in your home?

Here is a picture of a kimono. It is an outfit that people wear for special occasions.

This is the "living room" of a house in Japan.


How is it the same as yours?


How is it different?

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Pictures of Japan

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